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50,000 monthly visits milestone reached!

Sunday 19th July | No comments yet

Across the key Primary Technology sites we were pleased to reach 50,000 hits in the last 30 days.

With one more site in the works (School Closures) we hope to have reached 100,000 hits by this time next year. We aim to do this by spending time speaking to school teachers and pupils with an aim to create services they truly need.
We still don’t advertise on the sites and run them all at a loss so if you feel you would like to contribute towards any of them then please get in touch!
We have had a little bit of contraversy over Primary Games Arena lately and we feel that educators need to remember their principle focus should be education and not quantity of hits or revenue generated by a website.
The sites monitored for hits were:
http://primarygamesarena.com – Free curriculum based gaming website for kids
http://primaryschoolict.com – A site to start internet sessions with kids
http://primaryemail.co.uk – Primary School Hosted Email service
http://schoolemail.co.uk – School Hosted Email service
http://primaryt.co.uk – Primary Technology core website
http://primarywiki.co.uk – Free Wikipedia for Primary Schools
http://primaryblogger.co.uk – Free Blog service for schools

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