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5 ways PSICT safe search makes Google search even safer

Thursday 9th September | No comments yet

Strict safe search – Google provides a great filtering service so we leverage that.  No bad website results or flagged content is shown.

No autocomplete – Auto complete and Google instant is a real hot issue, try it yourself by going to Google and typing in “is it wrong to” and seeing what is suggested to you.  This isn’t a unique problem.  We disable auto complete to ensure no unsafe content is displayed.

No images – Pictures are great, we all love them but we all know that Google Images filtering can sometimes have it’s hiccups.  We have a separate safe image search so we can keep text content and pictures separate.

No ads – Primary School ICT Safe Search has no ads, so no distractions, no potential of any dating websites or other irrelivant content popping up half way through your lesson.

Focus on Educational websites – We still show all Google results, just content from websites that we know are educational are shown higher in the search results.

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